The Council of Business Women is a non-profit entrepreneurial organization dedicated to these purposes:

  • To provide opportunities for professional growth in an atmosphere of mutual support.
  • To provide opportunities to cultivate business contacts.
  • To provide marketing resources and encourage patronage to women owned businesses.
  • To exchange ideas and information and assist members in solving business issues and problems.

Mission Statement

CBW is dedicated to the professional growth of women who are business owners, managers and decision makers.


Regular meetings are held the SECOND Thursday of the month
11:30 - 1:00 pm
at The Fiesta Shack (behind Estabans) on FM 518 in League City
131 League St., League City, TX 77573

Lunch is $20 each meeting

Yearly dues are $50.00

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CBW is your passport to NETWORKING Opportunities through our monthly meetings as well as:

  • The Federation of Houston Professional Women
  • Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • League City Chamber of Commerce
  • Friendswood Chamber of Commerce
  • Galveston County Chamber of Commerce
  • Texas City/La Marque Chamber of Commerce
  • Pasadena Chamber of Commerce